Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Are Under Construction- Follow Our Transformation

 Day 1

First day of painting completed and many more to follow. 
Hang in there everyone. 
It will be worth it. 
Back Hallway and Pharmacy after a fresh coat of paint. 
Keep watching more updates to come. 

Exam Room - with paint done, but more to come. 

Day 2
Well The remodel well under way.  Saturday morning the stucco men covered up the lump stone in the lobby and in the arches and the entry way of the hospital. This will allow the tile men to come in and install  beautiful tile to the walls in the lobby.  We are excited to see what happens tonight.  

With all the excitement at the clinic with the remodeling happening don't worry, Dr. Steve, Dr. David, Dr.Tolliver & Dr.Tentser we will continue to be here for all your veterinary needs. 
 (they might be covered in a little dust, but they will be here.)

Day 3

Day three brought a few more changes and an unexpected wood worker. 
The remodeling is a team effort everyone has a part to play. (Yep, that is Dr Steve replacing all the door casings.) Day three was a busy busy day and night. We had the painters, the tile layers, the expert wood workers. 

An almost complete exam room. Amazing tile work almost done. 
Keep watching to see more of the transformation. 

( close up look at the detail work on the exam room walls)

Day 4
Wow what a difference a night makes. The lobby transformation is looking amazing. But so much more to come. 
I hope that you enjoy watching the transformation. 

Day 5

The day brought a start to the new reception counter. 
I think this is going to be my favorite part. 
I can not wait to see the finished look. 

Wall pockets !!! Yippee almost Lost all the doctors when we had to go without wall pocket for a few days.   But don't worry we got them in and Dr Steve hung them all .....LEVEL ! 

And the wipe board, even if it is too HIGH! 

Day 6

Greeted by the fresh smell of paint again today. The back ward hallway got a nice fresh coat of paint. Next up the trim. 

Thanks to the Painters for working so hard during the night to make it possible for us to remain open through this transformation. 


I love the new counter. Its all coming together. 

The tile guys have been working at night so that the hospital can stay open during the day.  Thanks guys your doing an amazing job. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the transformation. 

Please know that we will continue to be here regular hours during the remodel. 

Day 7 
Beautiful tile being installed to the entry way of the hospital. 
(wow they worked fast they started about 2 hours ago and they are almost done.) 

We can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings 

Day 8 

The Tile of the outside of the building looks amazing. 
New lights and a fresh coat of paint coming soon. 

Day 9 

Little details through out the hospital today. Not to much to post. 

However the new television looks mighty nice in the lobby. 

All those pet photos will be back soon.